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The Kall 45 rpm Discography !

Kall Records - Greenville S.C 
Label owner - Alan Riddle

45 rpm - Singles
  1. Alan Riddle - Kall #0041 - 1961
  2. Wallace Hooper & The Dixie Ramblers - Kall #0042 - 1961
  3. Charlie & Frank - Kall #0043 - 1961
  4. The Morgan Sisters - Kall #0044 - 1961
  5. Charlie Hostetler & The Heart Beats - Kall 0046 - 1961
  6. James Martin Trio - Kall # 495 - 1961
  7. Family Trio with Joyce Hawks - Kall # 496 - 1961
  8. Max Hedrick - Kall #497 - 1961
  9. Ken Howell - Kall # 498 - 1961
  10. Jim Southern - Kall #499 - 1961
  11. Brenda and Ernie - Kall #500 - 1961
  12. Max Hedrick - Kall #501 - 1961
  13. Jessica York - Kall # 797 ?
  14. Carol Rogers - Kall # 798 ?
  15. Lester Eller - Kall #805 - ?
  16. Tommy Hooper - Kall #6780 - ?
33 rpm - Album
  1.  The Damascus Quartet - Someday - Kall #752 - 1973

Alan Riddle - Kall Records # 0041 # 147 - 1961
It Takes You - ( Bryant) Acuff/Rose BMI
l Love No One But You - (Stanley) Peer International.
Produced by Don Dudley.

Before this release on Kall, Riddle had his tune 'The Moon Is Crying' released on 'Plaid' #1001 in 1960 and on 'Fling' #219 in 1961 in the USA and on 'Zirkon' # 1010 in Canada . This song like the release on Kall were all produced by Don Dudley !

Alan kicks things off with a real jaunty little number in 'It Takes You', nice honkytonkin' guitar, strong vocal and you also get a nice key change towards the end.
B side is a pretty laid back country crooner tune, with some nice guitar work.

                                                            Alan Riddle - It Takes You                                

        Alan Riddle - I Love No One But You

Alan Riddle (2nd left) Don Dudley (White Shirt)

Wallace Hooper and the Dixie Ramblers - Kall Records # 0042 (246) - 1961
In The Middle ( Evatt/Hooper/Hughes/Owen) - Duride BMI
Third Stool Down (Jesse Evatt) - Duride BMI

Wallace Hooper 1967

Could find only find a little info on Wallace Hooper and his Dixie Ramblers and this tear jerker from 1961. The A side is a pleasant enough slow number with some nice chords inserted to give it some life. The B side is your typical bar room honky-tonk lonely man sitting at a bar stool tune but done pretty well with some nice vocals by Mr Hooper.
Both sides were written by top Nashville writer and performer Jesse Evatt (Below)

Jesse Evatt
Wallace later saw two releases on the Rich-R-Tone label in 1967 'I'll Be Waiting' / 'That's The Way To Hold You Girl' # 8011 and in 1968 with 'About This Time Every Year / I'll Never Get Over Losing You' # 8021

                                               Wallace Hooper - In The Middle

                                               Wallace Hooper - Third Stool Down

Wallace Hooper 1968

Charlie & Frank " The Country Lads" - Kall Records # 0043 - 1961.
Just For Today - (Jim Hardin) - Duride Publishing Co. BMI
Never Do Him Wrong - (Frank Adcox) Duride Publishing Co. BMI
Produced by Don Dudley .

Recorded at Mark V Studios in Greenville, S.C. 

Distributed by Sound Of Nashville Inc. 160, 2nd Ave. S. Nashville, Tenn.

                                        Charlie Driggers and Frank Adcox .

The A side, 'Just For Today' is a real nice country weepie by Charlie & Frank, played and sung well by Charlie Driggers, a nice mid tempo country heartbreakin' tune ! .

Charlie Driggers - Vocal and Rhythm Guitar.
Frank Adcox - Rhythm Guitar.
Bill Huffman - Doghouse Bass.
Otis Forrest - Piano.

The B Side 'Never Do Him Wrong' - Dual harmony vocals with Frank singing Tenor and Charlie Driggers handling lead vocals and again a real good song handled well with good production by Don Dudley. This side according to Frank was high on the Country charts in Kansas on its release.

Frank Adcox - Tenor Vocal and Rhythm Guitar
Charlie Driggers -  Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar.
Jr. Cisson - Steel Guitar .
Bill Huffman - Doghouse Bass.
Unknown - Drums.

Charlie Driggers passed away in 1996. Frank Adcox (below) is now 81 and still strummin'.

                                                                   Frank Adcox

Charlie & Frank #0043 (Promo 45)
Frank Adcox with his Kall 45 . A present from me in 2016.

                                          Charlie & Frank - Never Do Him Wrong

                                             Charlie & Frank - Just For Today

The Morgan Sisters - Kall Records # 0044 - 1961

You'll Never Be Mine - (Angie, Gail, Wayne)
Half A Heart - (Floyd, Wayne)

Music by The Dixie Ramblers and Charley Green (on both sides)

A Side - SoN 83501
B Side - SoN 83502

Now here is another new one to the list (15/12/2020) so no info on label or on the songs but hope to have a copy soon.

Charlie Hostetler and The Heart Beats - Kall Records # 0046 - 1961

He Like I - (Adams) - Published by Del Rush - 2:12.
Since you Said Goodbye - (Adams) Published by Del Rush - 2:22

Published by Del-Rush. Pressed by SON 93781/ 93782 (Sound Of Nashville)

Now this is a real nice slice of early 60's Country. Both sides are top drawer, no Steel guitar but plenty of Lead & acoustic guitar and bass and the B side 'He Like I' is a real jaunty bouncy number. Charlie Hostetler and the boys show some real class on this release but sadly I cannot find out anything about him or his Heart Beats and not sure if he saw any other releases before or after this Kall 45.

                                                        Charlie Hostetler - He Like I

James Martin Trio - Kall Records # 496

I'm Glad He Saved My Soul - ( James & Wilma Martin)
Narrow Trail To Heaven - (James & Wilma Martin)
Catawba Music - BMI.
Sheldon Pressing - S-1019/ S-1020.

Finally got me a copy of this sweet slice of sacred country gospel bop and to be honest it surprised how great it is. Never heard it before placing on my turntable and then sat back and soaked up the sweet gospel vocals of James and Wilma Martin and boy can they sing and if that ain't enough you get some terrific guitar pickin' & some tasteful harmonica as well .......really surprising decent 2 sided uptempo gospel 45 from Kall!

                  James G. "Slim" Martin

James Gentile Martin

Birth: Sep. 10, 1919, Murphy, Cherokee County, North Carolina, USA
Death: Jun. 29, 1975, Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA

Announcer on WPET Radio station. Also sang country, bluegrass and gospel with his wife Wilma. 

Above is a later recording of 'Narrow Trail To Heaven' by James (Slim) and Wilma. This LP was released in 1978 on the Heritage Records label.

Family Trio with Joyce Hawks - Kall Records # 496 

He Rescued Me - (Carl & Carla McCormick) 
When I Found Jesus - (Richard McCormick)
Sheldon Pressing - S-1021/1022.

Decent gospel bluegrass from the 'Family Trio with Joyce Hawks' . Not exactly sure what Joyce does on these two sides but the Mandolin and harmonies are real good and again with a 'Sheldon' press you get a quality product . For me the flip is the better of the two with it's more uptempo start and changes in speed ......real nice !

Max Hedrick - Kall Records # 497 - 1961
Welcome Sign Upon My Heart - ( Brown/Ropp) - Delrush Music BMI
Lonely Nights - ( Mathis) - Glad Music BMI.
Greenville S.C
Sheldon Press - S 1178 & S 1179
Glad Music BMI - Riddle/Rush Production.

Buck Owens with Norma (Wife of Max Hedrick)

According to Billboard magazine in 1961 this 45 was available by writing to 'Cousin Bud' at WTTB Radio, Box 842, Vero Beach, Florida.

Here we have Max Hedrick with the first of his only two releases on Kall. 'Welcome Sign' is a cool little tune, nice pedal steel work, hand claps and some teriffic vocal harmonies, real laid back solid 60's country by Mr Hedrick .
B side is a your typical country weepie, again strong pedal steel leads the way but played well and again an above average lonesome mid tempo country tune.

The tape on the label 'Max Hedrick' is covering a misspelling which was 'Max Hendrick' .

Kall 45 label above without label showing the wrong spelling of Max Hedrick.

                                        Max Hedrick - Welcome Sign Upon My Heart

                                                    Max Hedrick - Lonely Nights

Ken Howell - Kall # 498 - 1961
Side A - Winds Of Love - (Howell) S 1231 - Delrush Publishing
Side B - It's A Crying Shame - (Howell) S 1232 - Alkat Publishing

Sheldon pressing, released Sept 1961

My top top fave release from Kall .......Winds Of Love is sublime and Ken has a voice like silk and handles both songs superbly, 'It's A Crying Shame is also brilliant but the A side for me just steals all the accolades with a magical slice of early sixties country, lovely Steel and lead guitar, has a Lattie Moore 'Cajun Doll' feel about it.......my god ......I'm gonna play it again and again and again.

Jim Southern - Kall # 499 - 1961
Talking To The Angels - (Gene Smith) Delrush Music Co. BMI
Darling, Where Is The Moonlight (Southern) Sunshine State BMI

Sheldon Press -S-1259/1260

Two terrific tunes on this release on Kall. Jim Southern really goes to town on these two tracks and both roll along just fine, 'Talking To The Angels' bops along at a nice pace, superb steel all the way and 'Where Is The Moonlight' has some sweet harmonies and steel and again rolls along just right . A great slice of Country bop on #499.

Signed copy

                                               Jim Southern - Talking To The Angels

                                      Jim Southern - Darling, Where Is The Moonlight

Brenda and Ernie - Kall Records # 500 - 1961
Just One Phone Call ( B. Hedrick & E. Hedrick) - Ella Lee BMI
Foolish Pride (B. Hedrick & E. Hedrick) - Sun State BMI .

Sheldon Press S-1604/1605.

Here are two straight Country/Honkytonk tunes by Brenda & Ernie Hedrick, I'm not sure of their relationship to fellow Kall recording artist Max Hedrick (Maybe a Brother ) but seems like a popular name around the town that's for sure.
Both side are real nice mid tempo Country songs and a pretty decent effort. Brenda takes the lead vocal on the A side with harmonies on the chorus by Ernie and vice versa on the flip side .
Nice Steel, good vocals and production.

Max Hedrick - Kall Records # 501 - 1961
Actions ( Brown / M. Hedrick)
Black Widow Heart ( Brown/ M. Hedrick )
Sun State (Florida) BMI
Sheldon Press - S 1606 / S 1607.

'Actions' was aired on the Grand Ole Opry !

The second Max Hedrick on Kall is great, Black Widow Heart skips along at a real nice pace, superb steel and Max leads us through the story of a girl who only wants to break his heart.
'Actions' is a slower number and is done with style, sweet fiddle and again top vocals by Max.

Jessica York - # 797 - Date ?

Side A - Where Do I Stand With You (H. Dunn)
Side B - Every things Gotta Wait (David Key)

Not sure on label design or colour but saw this on Discogs and registered as BOX 374 so would imagine it's the Brown/Orange design. No idea on year or sound. 

Carol Rogers - # 798 - Date ?

Side A - For You (C. Styles) - Duride publishing .
Side B - Guitar Man (C. Styles) - Duride publishing

Label now has new colour and design (Orange/Yellow). This time it's straight female country by Carol Rogers and in the typical late 60's/early 70's style, really not my sound but both sides are played with enthusiasm and some great pedal steel on the far Superior B side 'Guitar Man'. The P.O. Box 374, Travelers Rest. South Carolina. This now appears to be the new HQ for Kall after re-locating from Greenville in the late 60's maybe early 70's.

Lester Eller - Kall Records # 805 - Date ?
PO Box 374 - Travelers Rest, SC .
The Fox Chase ( Arranged by Lester Eller)
Chicken Reel (Arranged By Lester Eller)
Duride Publishing BMI

I believe both these tracks to be instrumentals but am yet to locate a copy to verify.

Photo label credit Dan Bach .

Tommy Hooper and The Nashville South - # 6780 Date ?
PO Box 374, Travelers Rest, SC
Since You've Been Gone (Sedaka/Greenfield) Aldon BMI
Sunshine Girl (Hooper/McBride ) Duride Publishing BMI

'Duride' again were publishers of the B side . The A side is a really nice country mid tempo tune (sorta thing you could have heard Elvis perform in the late 60's early 70's) and has a late 60's sound , nice pedal steel and a funky country guitar vibe, but even so a really good song. The flip is not as good and contains very little sunshine for me !
Tommy Hooper and the Nashville South also saw releases on 'Jed' and 'Mowhawk'

The Damascus Quartet 'Someday' - #752 - 1973 .

P.O Box 374, Travelers Rest, S.C
 Recorded at Soundtrack Studios, Greenville, North Carolina

The only LP that I'm aware of and recorded in stereo by Alan Riddle. This is a Gospel album and contains 10 tracks. According to the band bio on the rear sleeve by Alan Riddle they have been very busy in 1973 so can only assume this album was recorded in that year or maybe 72 ?



  1. This is a comment from Charlie Driggerd, I am the son of Charlie ! The record was done at mark 5 studios in Greenville sc. Don Dudley was a DJ at wesc radio

    1. Thanks for the info Charlie, much appreciated.

  2. I just came across a record from KALL Records in Travelers Rest that is not on your list.It is Lester Eller.

    1. Thanks for the info William, can you confirm titles and Kall label number . Thanks . Great to discover a new title on the label.

    2. Just found some details on ebay of the 45 , thanks for the heads up William .

    3. The one on Ebay is mine

    4. Charlie of the country Lads was my father, Dad loved playing music and did most of his life, uncle Frank still plays, it is what keep him alive,

  3. I can confirm that the Jessica York is on the Brown/Yellow label with the Travelers Rest address. Just my opinion, but not overly great country on both sides.